Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf, also referred to as synthetic grass or artificial turf, is a popular alternative to conventional playground surfacing. Its realistic appearance provides a great natural feel for both indoor and outdoor play areas. Ecoturf Surfacing Synthetic Turf is specifically designed for “high use” playgrounds and has high traffic durability. Foam padding is installed under the turf to create consistent fall protection. Synthetic turf offers a green alternative with a clean look. Ecoturf Synthetic Turf Surfacing is installed by our certified in-house installation crew.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

  • Drains quickly
  • Highly durable
  • Certified to meet ASTM F1292
  • Minimal maintenance
  • ADA Compliant for easy wheelchair access
  • Can be installed both indoor and outdoor
  • Consistent shock absorbency
  • Material not displaced during play
  • IPEMA Certified
  • Meets CPSC guidelines for public playgrounds
  • Ascetically pleasing
ASTM wheelchair accessible logo

Ecoturf Synthetic Turf Surfacing meets ASTM F1951 Standard Specification for Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment.

ASTM Standards Head impact

Ecoturf Synthetic Turf Surfacing surfacing meets and exceeds ASTM F1292 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials Within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment. Contact us for a copy of our third party surface testing.

HydroChill - How it Works

Hydrochill™ Cooling Sand

One of the largest challenges with synthetic turf surfacing is that surface temperatures rise significantly during late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. Ecoturf Surfacing, in partnership with Shawgrass, provides HydroChill™ sand infill to our customers. HydroChill™ sand is an evaporative cooling system designed to absorb and store moisture. HydroChill™ then slowly releases the stored moisture allowing your surface to cool. Thermocouple test readings show results of 50 degrees Fahrenheit lower surface temperatures compared to standard synthetic turf. HydroChill™ sand with Bac-Shield antimicrobial protection is non-toxic and safe for kids and the environment. Bac-Shield helps prevent growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, while reducing odors.

Thermocouple hydrochill test results

Benefits of Hydrochill™ for your Playground Surface

  • Non-toxic
  • Will not affect characteristics of synthetic turf
  • UV-resistant
  • Patented technology that has been developed and gone through years of laboratory and outdoor field testing.
  • Achieves 50 degree lower surface temperatures compared to standard synthetic turf
  • Safe for kids and environment
  • Helps prevent growth of mold and mildew
  • Designed to cool most when sun is overhead