Ecoturf Poured In Place surfacing

is a two layer seamless rubber

surface that is custom mixed and

poured into place. It is highly

durable and very low maintenance.


Ecoturf Synthetic Turf

exceeds the competition and

is specifically designed for high

traffic use. It is IPEMA certified

and ADA accessible. 



Ecoturf Bonded Rubber Mulch

is a 100% recycled surface made

from a single layer of shredded rubber

mulch. This surface is bonded together

making it virtually maintenance free.

Rejuvenate and revitalize your

play surface with our full line of 

maintenance products from patch

repair kits to poured in place sealant

to bring your surface back to life. 

About Ecoturf Surfacing

Ecoturf Surfacing is a turnkey recreational surfacing company based out of Kansas City, Kansas. It is a subsidiary of Taylormade Co which was created in 1997 and has installed thousands of playgrounds and surfacing systems around the globe. In 2011 we created Ecoturf Surfacing as its own brand and since then we have installed over 2 million square feet of successful playground surface systems. While Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Des Moines are some of the major cities where we install our surfacing systems, our services can be provided worldwide to anyone looking to improve the safety of their recreational areas. Our products exceed IPEMA, ASTM, CPSC, and ADA standards and are offered at a competitive price. At Ecoturf Surfacing we are pleased to provide a one stop service for your surface system.

Keep your synthetic turf cooler during the summer!

Test readings show results of 50 F lower surface temperatures on turf with Hydrochill™ compared to standard synthetic turf.