Maintenance Products

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Products reseal ecoseal bucket

Reseal and Rejuvenate

The key ingredient for a long lasting poured-in-place surface is to rejuvenate and revitalize your surface. Ecoturf surfacing recommends this to be done every 3 to five years depending on surface use.

Over the years UV Rays begin to break down the polyurethane binder that holds the granules together. This causes the granules to work loose and cracks to appear. Ecoseal is a specially formulated sealer designed to protect, seal, and enhance existing poured-in-place surfacing.

Patch KitsĀ 

We supply patch kits with easy to use instructions for repairs to poured-in-place surfacing

Received a bucket of Ecoseal and are ready to complete your seal?

Watch the below video for step by step instructions to rejuvenate your poured-in-place surface. If you have any questions about the reseal process, please feel free to contact us at 913-713-1573