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913-713-1573 Monday - Friday 8:15 - 3:15

About Us

About Ecoturf Surfacing – Providing quality products and superior service since 1997

Ecoturf Surfacing is a recreational surfacing company based out of Kansas City, Kansas. Since our creation in 1997 we have installed thousands of playground surface systems in seven countries around the globe.  Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas City,  Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Des Moines are just some of the major cities where we install our surfacing systems.

At Ecoturf Surfacing we are pleased to provide a one stop service for your surface system. Our trained office staff and in house installation crews will guarantee your job, whether big or small, will receive superior customer service and quality products. Our products meet and exceed ASTM and ADA guidelines. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save both time and money!

Ecoturf Surfacing is all about being Eco-Friendly!

We are very encouraged by the excitement generated by our recycled rubber surfacing products. Therefore, we are working hard to create new surfacing and landscape products with these recycled materials.

Ecoturf Surfacing is dedicated to helping the public understand the benefits of recycled products and how they can create beautiful recreational and playground surfacing solutions. Part of the process is helping the customer to understand that recycling is not just about making products out of discarded materials, but about consumers purchasing these recycled products. In order to succeed with this task, we are committed to introducing only the highest quality end products into the marketplace. This allows the consumer to purchase something they will truly enjoy.

The benefits of our “Eco-Friendly”, surfacing products far outweigh their wood mulch, pea gravel, and concrete counterparts. From sustainability to comfort, we are confident that our products will exceed even the most uncertain buyers. Please allow Ecoturf Surfacing products to help bring you to the next level of Playground Safety Surfacing.

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Ecoturf Surfacing provides professional service combined with high quality products for guaranteed satisfaction; making Ecoturf Surfacing the perfect fit for your next park or playground project. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products and services.