Illinois Projects

Glen Carbon

Ecoturf Surfacing expertly installed poured in place rubber playground surfacing in three areas in Glen Carbon, Illinois at a community center. These surfaces totaled 2,745 square feet. The community center chose one of our standard 50/50 color and black surface mixes and went with a beige and black rubber mix. Our other standard colors are blue, red, green, light blue, light green, mid-grey and mid-brown. This Illinois community center playground required surfaces with two different critical fall heights (CFH). The CFH is determined by measuring the highest equipment platform to the ground. The fall heights of these equipment pieces were 6 foot and 8 foot, which means they required a 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch surface depth to be compliant with ASTM F1292 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials Within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standards.

We were pleased to provide a one stop service for this community center by removing their existing pea gravel surface, installing their sub-base and installing the final poured in place rubber playground surface. They realized, in addition to meeting and exceeding ASTM and CPSC standards, that poured in place rubber playground surfacing is also low maintenance, extremely durable, and aesthetically pleasing! Once the 4 inches of compacted 1 inch minus AB3 sub-base was installed our certified crew installed the buffing layer, the first layer of the poured in place rubber surface. Buffings are made with 100% recycled tires! After the buffing layer was poured, the crew installed the non-toxic EPDM beige and black wear layer to finish off the surface installation.

Downer’s Grove

We installed a massive poured in place rubber playground surface for a school in Downer’s Grove, Illinois totaling 11,910 square feet! The school had specific graphic designs that they wanted to incorporate into the rubber surface. Since the surface is custom poured on site, nearly any mix of colors and designs can be implemented into the rubber playground surface. Your imagination is your only limitation! The school went with a standard EPDM rubber beige and black mix and added areas of green and blue. The graphics were easy for our veteran installation crew to create. This poured in place rubber surface was installed using aromatic urethane binder. We also install surfaces with aliphatic urethane binder. Aliphatic binder is UV resistant and clear in color which helps the EPDM colored rubber wear layer maintain its vibrant and beautiful color.

The playground at this school was installed to be handicap accessible to allow for all students at the school to enjoy their recess time so the school knew their playground surface needed to be handicap accessible as well. The school chose a poured in place rubber playground surface because it is ADA compliant, meaning that it meets or exceeds the standards set forth in the ASTM F1951 Standard Specification for Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment. Poured in place rubber surfaces also meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The depth of this surface was 3.5 inches with a critical fall height (CFH) of 8 feet to be safety compliant.  


An early learning center in Aurora, Illinois was desperate for help dealing with their playground area mud pit being caused by drainage issues. The center wanted to maintain a natural look, so we offered playground synthetic turf surfacing, also known as artificial turf. Playground synthetic turf surfacing has the appearance of traditional grass, without all the maintenance. Playground synthetic turf surfacing is a two-layer system. Under the synthetic turf is a 100% recycled, noncontaminated, post-industrial cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam. The padding gives the surface its shock absorbing property and provides consistent fall protection. The foam comes in different critical fall height (CFH) thicknesses needed for a playground to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM standards. Our synthetic turf playground surface drains quickly, is highly durable, requires minimal maintenance, is IPEMA certified, ascetically pleasing and ADA compliant. This was exactly what the Illinois early learning center needed in their area.

Our experienced crew removed and disposed of the center’s existing wood mulch surface and installed new drainage and 1’’ minus compacted AB3 sub-base in the areas before installing the synthetic turf playground surfacing flush to their existing concrete sidewalks. Our synthetic turf playground surfacing is specifically designed for “high use” playgrounds and has high traffic durability. We also use a revolutionizing infill called Hydrochill Cooling Sand that can lower the surface temperature of your synthetic turf surface by 50 degrees! Hydrochill is an evaporative cooling system that absorbs moisture and slowly releases it to help cool your surface. This is a great addition to have on playgrounds.