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Ecoturf Surfacing is a recreational surfacing company based in Kansas city, KS. We are pleased to provide a one stop service for your surfacing systems. Here at Ecoturf Surfacing, in addition to installing various recreational and playground surfacing, we have the ability to remove existing surfacing and install various sub-base types. Ecoturf Surfacing manufactures multiple recreational and playground surfacing such as: poured-in-place, bonded rubber mulch, and synthetic turf. Our veteran in-house installation experts and trained office staff will guarantee that your job, whether big or small, will receive superior customer service and quality finished products. We are experts in our profession and aim to meet and exceed all your service and quality expectations.

Our primary product is our poured-in-place surfacing. Many people refer to these surfaces as squishy rubber, rubber fall, playground rubber, rubber cushion, or recycled tire surface. Each poured in place surfacing project is individually and specifically designed to meet fall height requirements, ATSM standards, and ADA compliance.  Poured-In-Place surfaces are seamless, slip resistant, easy to maintain and require very low maintenance, drain quickly, are highly durable, are not displaced during play, and provide a consistent shock absorbency. Poured-In-Place surfacing is a two-layer system. The bottom layer is composed of SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) buffings which are mid-sized 100% recycled rubber pieces and are held together with a binder specifically designed to hold and bind these pieces together. This base is the impact absorbing layer of the Poured-In-Place surfacing and the thickness of this layer is determined by the fall height of the playground.  The top layer is a ½’’ thick colored coat made from 3-5mm synthetic rubber granules called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and is the wear course of the Poured-In-Place surface.  Since the surface is custom poured on site by our trained professionals, nearly any mix of colors and designs can be incorporated into the surface. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to adding logos, patterns, colors, and designs to your surface. Popular design choices are the addition of games such as: Hop Scotch, Four Square, and Tick Tack Toe. We even have the capability of creating Poured-In-Place rubber mounds to add more play value to your surface!

An option for customers seeking an alternative to loose fill rubber mulch is Bonded Rubber Mulch. Bonded Rubber Mulch is a single layer system that uses 100% recycled rubber that is manufactured to look like mulch. This surface is held together with the highest quality binder to prevent displacement during use. This eliminates the need for constant replenishment unlike its gravel, sand, and wood chip counterparts. Bonded Rubber Mulch is seamless, slip resistant, drains quickly, easy to maintain and requires very low maintenance, is highly durable, has a consistent shock absorbency, is not displaced during use, is mold and mildew resistant, and deters the breeding of insects and bugs. This surface is also ADA compliant and meets ASTM standards. Another popular use for bonded rubber mulch is for landscaping, as you can eliminate the risk and trouble caused by the washing out, rotting, and tripping hazards of traditional wood mulch while keeping the area looking natural. Bonded Rubber Mulch offers an ascetically pleasing and natural feel to your playground area while still providing the minimum maintenance of a Poured-In-Place surface.

A popular alternative to conventional playground surfacing is Synthetic turf, also known as artificial grass. Synthetic turf has the appearance of traditional grass, without all the maintenance. Synthetic turf is a two layer system. The first layer consists of a foam padding that gives the surface its shock absorbing property and provides consistent fall protection. The thickness of the padding is determined by the fall height of the playground to meet CPSC and ASTM standards. The turf is then installed over the padding and comes in a variety of different styles, looks, and feels. Synthetic Turf drains quickly, is highly durable, requires minimal maintenance, is IPEMA certified, ascetically pleasing, and ADA compliant. Synthetic turf offers a green alternative with a clean look. Ecoturf Surfacing’s Synthetic Turf is specifically designed for “high use” playgrounds and has high traffic durability. Our synthetic turf also has a revolutionizing infill called Hydrochill Cooling Sand that can lower the surface temperature of your synthetic turf surface by 50 degrees! Hydrochill is an evaporative cooling system that absorbs moisture and slowly releases it to help cool your surface. This is a great addition to have on playgrounds.